3330 Pestana Way in Livermore
California Bush Poppy
Carpenteria californica
: Partial shade,
little to moderate water. Attracts insects, birds eat the seeds.
California Fescue Grass
Festuca californica
: Best in sun,
moderate water. Needs good drainage, can withstand dry
California Fuchsia
Epilobium californica
: Full sun, little to
moderate water. Red flowers. Very attractive to
California Grape
Vitis californica ‘Roger’s Red’:
Full sun or
partial shade, little or no water. Leaves turn brilliant red in
fall. Songbirds, gamebirds, mammals love the fruit, provides
good cover and nest materials.
California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica:
Full sun, little
water. Drought tolerant, watering extends flowering. State
flower of California.
Cleveland Sage
Salvia Clevelandii:
Full sun, regular water.
Drought tolerant. Culinary and botanical uses.
Coyote Mint,
Monardella villosa:
A small shrublet to 2-3’ tall,
with gray-green leaves and purple clusters of flowers in
summer. Loved by butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer
resistant. Found in oak woodlands and chaparral, can grow
in sand, clay, or serpentine soil and does well on dry slopes.
Drought tolerant, it can also take garden water with good
drainage. Spanish Califorians used the fragrant leaves as a
tea to treat sore throats. Sun-part sun, low to average water.